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Journal Club
Open House
Journal Club
2012 Spring Semester
- Location : Meeting Room (Room #207) in Building 19
- Time  : Tue 4:00PM
- Contact : Prof. Jonghak Woo (Tel: 02-880-4231 / e-mail: woo "at" astro.snu.ac.kr)
                Jeong-Gyu Kim (e-mail: jgkim "at" astro.snu.ac.kr), Jubee Sohn (e-mail: jbsohn "at" astro.snu.ac.kr)
- Link: http://astro.snu.ac.kr/jc

Date Leader Talk Title Note
Mar 6 Yosep Yoon
Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 galaxies and stellar velocity dispersion  
Mar 20 Jaejin Shin
Broad-line gas metallicity of local AGNs  
Apr 10 Yongbum Kim
Searching for electromagnetic counterparts of
gravitational-wave transients
Apr 24 Jeong-Gyu Kim
Arm and Interarm Star Formation in Spiral Galaxies
(Foyle et al. 2010)
May 8 Minhee Hyun
고천문학 제 1장: 하늘을 품은 민족, 한민족의 천문학  
May 22 Minhee Hyun
고천문학 제 2장: 천문기록에 숨겨진, 역사 해석의 열쇠들  
Jun 12 Michael Rutkowski
(Arizona State Univ.)
Spirals and Spheroids, Near and Far:
Galaxy Evolution from Multiple Perspectives with HST
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