대학원 콜로퀴움
콜로퀴움 안내
Colloquium of Astronomy Program (2014 Fall Semester)
- Place    : Astronomy Seminar Room (Room #212) in Building 19
- Time     : 16:15 pm (refreshment served at 17:15, Room #304)
- Contact : Prof. Sung-Chul Yoon (Tel: 02-880-6627 / e-mail: yoon@astro.snu.ac.kr)

Date Speaker Title Remarks
Sep. 4
Dr. Tie Liu
Unraveling the physical and chemical properties of Planck cold clumps  
Sep. 11
Prof. Juntai Shen
(Shanghai Astronomical
Gas inflow patterns and nuclear rings in barred galaxies  
Sep. 18
원종우 대표
과학의 로망  
Sep. 25
Dr. Chang-Goo Kim
(Princeton University)
Star Formation Rates and HI Properties Regulated by Supernova Feedback  
Sep. 29
Prof. John Raymond
(Harvard Smithsonian Center
for Astrophysics)
Shock Wave Physics and Dust Destruction in the Cygnus Loop  
Oct. 2
Prof. John Raymond
(Harvard Smithsonian Center
for Astrophysics)
The Sungrazing Comet Lovejoy as a Probe of the Solar Corona  
Oct. 9
Hangul Proclamation Day
Oct. 16
2014 Fall Meeting of the Korean Astronomical Society
Oct. 23
Prof. Daniel Jaffe
(University of Texas at Austin)
Unlocking the Secret Lives of Protostars with
Oct. 30
Dr. Gayoung Chon
Galaxy Clusters as astrophysical laboratories and cosmological probes  
Oct. 31
Prof. Eric Gawiser
(Rutgers Univ.)
Probing Dark Matter and Dark Energy with Distant Galaxies  
Nov. 6
Prof. Kyungjin Ahn
(Chosun University)
The Impact of the First Stars on Cosmic Reionization and Observing Their Signature by Planck and Square Kilometre Array  
Nov. 12
Prof. Gary Fuller
(University of Manchester)
Peering into the Dark: Probing the Initial Conditions for the Formation of Stellar Clusters and Massive Stars  
Nov. 13
Dr. Sang-Hyeon Ahn
조선시대 천문도의 도법과 과학의 언어 공리체계  
Nov. 20
Dr. Jose Fiestas
(NAOC, Beijing)
Dynamical Relaxation of rotating dense stellar systems  
Nov. 27
Prof. Jeong-Eun Lee
(Kyung Hee University)
FIR Molecular and Atomic Emission in Low Mass Protostars  
Dec. 4
PProf. Jeong-Sun Hwang
(Kyung Hee University)
Effects of hot halo gas on the star formation and mass transfer during distant galaxy-galaxy  
Dec. 11
Dr. Ji-Hoon Kim
Galaxy Formation Simulations In The High-resolution Era: Success and Challenge  

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