Access from airports to hotel and SNU

Thanks to Dr. Narae Hwang (JSPS Postdoctoral Research Fellow, NAOJ) for very kind guidance.

1. Airport limousine bus from Gimpo (takes about 60 minutes)

(a) Please find the bus stop #6 at the international terminal at Gimpo and take airport bus #6003. Bus fare is about 3,000 KRW (not sure). You have to pay in cash.

(b) The last 2 stops of this bus are 'Seoul National Univ.
Station' and 'SNU main gate'. Just get off the bus at Soul Nat'l Univ. Station stop. The bus stop should be around the place marked on the figure 1.
figure 1

(c) Walk down the street toward the crossroad (where the station is, underground) and turn left and please go a little bit further and there is a place where you can cross road with a triffic signal (zebra zone).

(d) cross the road and there should be some small alley right
next to a bank (SC First Bank, white building) that leads to your hotel.
Note: before you cross the road, you can see the building (your hotel). It is high rise building with a light-brown color and should be close to the cross road. In case of trouble, please show the figure 2. The file is a map to your hotel with the hotel phone number is also listed on it. (Your hotel is marked in Red Box on the map with its name on it in Korean)
figure 2

2. Subway from Gimpo:

(a) Find the subway station. There is a subway station near the airport. Just a few minutes' walk away. Please ask anybody for direction. They will understand English and (probably) Japanese.

(b) Buy a ticket for 'Seoul Dae Ip Goo Yeok' (Seoul Univ. Station). It should be around 1000 KRW.

(c) Take a train bound for 'SANG IL' or 'MACHEON'. DO NOT TAKE ONE FOR 'BANGHWA'! It's Line No. 5. There are only two choices, one or the other. You may ask anybody for direction. On the train, announcement is also made in English, so take it easy.

(d) Get off the train at 'Yeoung Deung Po Gu Office' and follow people to take Line No. 2 (green line) bound for SHILLIM or SADANG. (There should be many people heading for it).

(e) Take the green line and about after 8 stops, there is 'Seoul Nat'l Univ. Station'

(f) Get off the train and clear out of the station using Exit No. 5 (RECOMMENDED) or No. 6.

(e) You can see a bank (SC First Bank) on your right side and
behind the bank is your hotel building (light-brown color, high rise).

Note: When you take the green line and after sometime, if you can see the Han River, it's wrong direction. Just get off the next stop and move to the opposite platform and take the next train.

(a) Just go to the bus stop 6B or 13A on the first floor.
There are ticket box where you can buy the ticket. Please buy your ticket here for 'Seoul National University' bus#6003. Fare should be around 8000 KRW. (I believe they can speak English).

(b) Take the bus and enjoy the ride. It would take about 90 minutes.

(c) The rest is the same with (1) guide in the above.

And of course, you can always take a taxi at the airport but I
don't know how much it would cost ;-)

Good luck enjoy your travel!


The workshop period may be the beginning of rainy season. The mean temperature in Seoul at that time will be about 28 degrees Celcius.