Travel Support


If you are supposed to get travel support from NAOJ (participants from Japan, Taiwan, and Uzbekistan), please follow the procedure:


Send an invoice of air ticket and itinerary to NAOJ (Ms. Junko Baba, as soon as possible, at least one week before your departure.

Bring the original receipt, original invoice of air ticket, original itinerary, air ticket itself, passport, and the boarding pass stub at the conference site in the SNU.

Send an receipt of hotel and the boarding pass stub of return flight to NAOJ (Ms. Junko Baba, after you back to your country.

Reimbursement is in CASH in Japanese Yen given out at the conference site on June 30 (for participants from Taiwan and Uzbekistan).

Reimbursement is in CASH in Japanese Yen which will be sent to your bank account (for participants from Japan).

The following fees are included in the TRAVEL SUPPORT reimburses from NAOJ.

Fee for a round-trip economy class flight ticket.

Fee for accommodation and meals during the meeting period.