The Second AKARI Conference:
Legacy of AKARI: A Panoramic View of the Dusty Universe
2012 February 27-29, Ramada Plaza Hotel, Jeju, KOREA







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AKARI was launched on February 21, 2006 with the objective to carry out all sky surveys at mid- and far-infrared wavelengths, with additional pointed observations across this wide range in wavelength. It operated for approximately 550 days at cryogenic temperatures until August 26, 2007, after which it continued as a warm mission in the near infrared until recently.

The first dedicated conference on AKARI's results was held during 16-19 February, 2009, at the University of Tokyo, Japan. Since then, a large number of papers have been published in special issues of The Publications of The Astronomical Society of Japan,  Astronomy and Astrophysics, and other major journals. It is now time to bring researchers working on the data obtained by AKARI together again in order to discuss the scientific output and future research direction.

AKARI made an all sky survey at six wavelengths between 9 and 160 microns, with the point source catalogues now open to the international community. These catalogues will serve as invaluable assets to astronomers working on various fields and facilities. Other wide area surveys with AKARI include
the North Ecliptic Pole Survey and the South Pole Survey. AKARI’s legacy datasets will provide research opportunities in areas such as the interstellar medium, evolved stars, nearby galaxies and the distant Universe. All astrophysical areas that utilize the AKARI data will be covered by this conference. Any researchers working on related subjects are encouraged to attend the conference, regardless of any previous experience using AKARI data. The tentative list of the topics include;

1. Solar System Objects
2. Stars and Circumstellar Matter
3. Star Formation and the Interstellar Medium
4. Nearby Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies
5. Distant Universe

The original plan to hold the second AKARI conference was outlined during the first conference in 2009. The attendants agreed to have the second meeting in late 2010 either in Nagoya or in Korea. However, it has been significantly delayed due to many reasons including the earthquake in
eastern Japan. Although the situation in Japan is getting back to normal, we have decided to hold the the second conference in Korea.

We have chosen Jeju Island as the meeting place since Jeju island can be easily reached from many cities in Korea and nearby countries. It is also relatively close to Japan. Moreover, Jeju island has an unique landscape since it was formed by a series of volcanic activity and is located off the
south coast of Korea where the climate is very mild. In the beautiful setting of Jeju, the meeting will take place in a relaxed atmosphere. All participants are encouraged to stay one or a few more days before or after the meeting in order to explore this unique part of Korea.

This meeting is jointly organised by Seoul National University and Nagoya University.

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