East-Asia AGN Workshop 2016

22-24 September 2016, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Workshop rationale

We are glad to host East-Asia AGN workshop 2016 in Seoul, Korea. Active Galactic Nuclei (AGNs) are one of the most energetic astrophysical phenomena and believed to play crucial roles in galaxy evolution. Broad topics on AGNs, including new observational results and theoretical works will be presented at the workshop. We would like to encourage international collaborations among astronomers working in AGNs and galaxy evolution. The workshop is 2.5 day long with a 2-day formal meeting and a half day optional collaboration discussion. If you have any question, email to eaagn at astro.snu.ac.kr.

NEW! 3rd circular (2016/9/1)

2nd circular (2016/6/20)

1st circular (2016/4/15)